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Flown Away
You have flown away
you have someone else to save
Wish you would have told me that
you were leaving
and wouldn't be there to catch me
before I jumped
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Pills and Textbooks
You are reverting backwards
to the drugs and one night stands
of your youth.
I'm moving forward
trying to make my way through school
maybe this should be a sign
that it never would have worked
it makes me sad
and shed a tear
on the textbook pages
to see you falling backwards
when I tried so hard to pull you forward
when you pop those pills
do you see me in your hallucinations?
are you drowning yourself in smoke to forget
the way I devour the pages to forget
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with those words
you loaded the gun
with that kiss
you pulled the trigger
I see a smirk on your face
you're not sorry
for what you have done
for the blood you have spilled
and the pain you have caused.
I think you have been wanting to do this
all along
I love you
was just a lie
leading up to this moment
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Letting Go
you said you wouldn't give up
while you still had a chance
so why are you letting go?
I didn't say goodbye
so why are you?
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Paradise Lost
Things aren't perfect in paradise
I call on you to crush the serpents in my garden
But you took a bite of that apple
and then you saw clearly
saw I wasn't worth it
I wasn't what you thought
The angels took you away
I fear I will never see your face again
I'm trapped
surrounded by snakes
That apple proved too tempting
That apple was worth more than me
My heels have been bitten
and now the poison allows me to see clearly
there is no more love on your face
was it ever there to begin with
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The Illusionist
This illusion has been shattered
the one where you would love me forever
you are moving on
saying goodbye
the mirrors have been shattered
and all I see is a man
no more tricks to dazzle me
this illusion has been shattered
the one where you love me forever
there is nothing up your sleeve
you have told me everything
I now know the cards you hold in your hand
you have a queen of hearts
that you have been holding onto
she doesn't have my face
the magic is gone
the show is over
the curtain closes on you and me
the illusion of me and you
has been shattered
I know your lies now
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Superman Part II
You were my superman
but now you have begun to let me fall
your cape grows faded and begins to tear
I didn't know superheroes could retire
seems you prefer the simple life
catching a girl who walks to close to the edge
seems silly now
"let her fall
it's her own damn fault"
why don't you just push me
superman superman
you'll always be my superman
seems though you are turning to a life of crime
should have let you go while your were still a hero
instead i slowly watch you transform
into a villain
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Saying Goodbye to a Fallen Soldier
I have won many battles
but it seems I have still lost the war
I fought for you so valiantly
And you have given up on me
The hardest part is saying goodbye
I'm wounded never to recover
But I'm still fighting even though
I am clearly losing
whats the sense of holding on
when you have already let go
saying goodbye is the hardest part
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I melt
I found your Achilles heal
by plucking at your heart strings
I played you a song of love
and i felt you melt
and i melted too
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A heart torn
what do when you have too much love to give
what do you do when your heart is full to bursting
how do you live
when your love is divided
spread to thin
too much love
in all the wrong places
if i could gather up my love
and put it in one place
i would
or maybe i could just learn
to not love at all
a heart of stone
cannot feel the pain
that a heart torn and stretched can
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My superman
You are my superman
I think though
that you saved me from
falling off that building
one two many times
you've always been there to save me
it's what you do best
I don't deserve to be saved
you should have let me fall
but if you did
then you wouldn't be superman
you would be just a man
and being superman is who you are
my superman
my superman
will you be my superman
and save me way to many times
I can't express my gratitude
my superman
my superman
you hold me up
you help me fly
my superman
my superman
I'll never forget my hero
my superman
my superman
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you are perfection
molded by the gods
not a flaw can be found
in your body or your mind
a demigod
should not love a sinner
a foolish mortal
perfection like you
deserves a goddess
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I wrote some new stuff. I would love to get some comments.
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I write poems and that's about it...sometimes I'll pop out something else
..... the music I've been listening to influences my writing sometimes you can tell but most of the time i write to get my feelings out. write about shit thats been going on in my life. the stuff thats on paper don't worry about i'll be okay it's the stuff that i keep in that you should worry about

Personal Quote: "Someday you will quote me" "can i quote that"


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TheseKrimzonFlames Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2014  Professional Writer
Are you still here? :)
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Yes hardly on deviant art though what with school and three jobs
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ye sir, busy busy busy
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sarahkat3 Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2012  Student
I love your writing! you're so good! and also, just a random question but do you have ocd because i saw your poem about it? Just wondering thanks! but anyways awesome writing!
N0-R3AL-PR0BL3MS Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
thank you =] I do have very mild ocd. and thank you so much for the favs feel free to read more of my work and leave comments any feed back is always appreciated
sarahkat3 Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2012  Student
your welcome! and i will read more of your work! :) your a great writer!
cntwejstprtnd Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2012
I suggest using a hyperbole in your poems once in a while. It emphasizes the importance, significance, or drama of an idea, event, or thought without saying outright. What you use in most of your work is Understatement, which is the opposite of hyperbole. Understatement is useful when you want to offer select images, feelings, or ideas and let the readers fill in the blanks. :) You write beautifully, AAsha :)
slowlydies Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
thank you for the favs love! <3
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anytime i can't wait to see the pics you took at my house!
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